Perak Corp Launches Casuarina's SINI-DRIVE, The First Drive-In Cinema In Malaysia

17 Jul 2020

BANDAR MERU RAYA – To build a more entertaining world beyond COVID-19 requires leaders to be creative and innovative. The impact of the pandemic is expected to stay for years to come. Casuarina Meru Sdn Bhd (CMSB), a key subsidiary of Perak Corporation Berhad (Perak Corp), presents Malaysia and Perak’s first drive-in cinema, SINI-DRIVE.


Casuarina SINI-DRIVE was launched by Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal bin Dato’ Azumu, Chief Minister of Perak and is set to be the new crowd puller to Bandar Meru Raya, Ipoh. The launching ceremony attended by Dato’ Nolee Ashilin binti Mohammed Radzi; State Housing, Local Government and Tourism Committee Chairman, Dato’ Rumaizi bin Baharin @ Md Daud; Mayor of Ipoh and Mr Zainal Iskandar bin Ismail; Group Chief Executive Officer of Perak Corp among other notable guests.



A blast from the past derived from the concept of ‘wayang pacak’ or outdoor movie screening that was famous back in the days. Fast forward to the present day, Casuarina SINI-DRIVE is a new and exciting lifestyle product for the people of Bandar Meru Raya where families and friends could head to Downtown Meru to experience an ‘exceptional movie experience from the comfort of their car’. Moviegoers can experience this unique form of entertainment at a very minimal cost while adhering to COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOP) and enjoy signature snacks from Hotel Casuarina@Meru. Situated at Downtown Meru, as of now, it can accommodate up to 70 cars at a time.


Casuarina SINI-DRIVE is poised drive the surrounding business activities and enhance properties value as well as other PCB development asset here in Bandar Meru Raya. PCB Group has taken the effort to monetize the current economic condition by converting lands owned by the group to generate income. The venue could also be utilized as multipurpose event space in the future for other activities such as exhibition, social gatherings, outdoor weddings, product launches, flea markets, private functions and many more.


Other than that, Casuarina SINI-DRIVE is the first project that connect and integrate PCB Group businesses. The Group believes this project offers a great branding opportunity and will be used as the platform for PCB to create future promotion bundle linking property, hospitality, tourism and food & beverages. This will also allow Casuarina SINI-DRIVE to stand out not only as the first drive-in cinema in Malaysia, but the first to be featured with hospitality and tourism product bundling.


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