Site Visit For Perak Police Contingent Headquarters

19 Nov 2021

BANDAR MERU RAYA – Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) Perak together with representatives from Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) visited the proposed site for the development of Perak Police Contingent Headquarters in Bandar Meru Raya. The site visit was a follow-up to previous discussions to identify and finalize the required land area for the proposed development.


The site visit attended by YDH CP Dato’ Pahlawan Mior Faridalathrash bin Wahid; Perak Police Chief, YDH DCP Dato’ Pahlawan Azizi bin Mat Aris; Perak Deputy Police Chief, YDH SAC Azizee bin Ismail; Deputy Director of Logistics & Technology RMP, Mrs Zaiton binti Yahya; Secretary of Development Division MOHA was hosted by Mr Zainal Iskandar bin Ismail, Group Chief Executive Officer of Perak Corp and Ms Sharifah Nor Hashimah binti Syed Kamaruddin; Chief Executive Officer of PCB Development. Other attendees were Hj Jalil Husni bin Yahaya; Deputy Secretary of Development Division MOHA, Mr Kamarudin bin Arim; Principal Assistant Secretary of Development Division MOHA, Mrs Halizah binti Sipun; Deputy Secretary of Development SUK, Mrs Zaiteena binti Wan Nasir; Director at Department of Director General of Lands and Mines Perak, ACP Noraziah binti Zakaria; Head of Management Department RMP Perak,  Supt. Wan Nornidawati binti Wan Abd Ghani; Head of Logistics & Technology RMP Perak and Mrs Rosmawati binti Ibrahim; Assistant Director of Land Development Division of Land and Mines Department Perak.


The continuous effort by Perak Corp to woo investors from both the government and private sectors with the objective to further enhance the development within Bandar Meru Raya is expected to be realised in the near future.

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